About Your Photos
Frequently Asked Questions
About Your Photos


Selecting Photos:

  •  Select one or two photos to include on your Tribute, Bookmarks and/or Note Cards.

    • Tributes may be created with one or two photos. 

    • Bookmarks and Note Cards generally look best with one photo.

  • Choose good quality, high resolution photos; 300 dpi are best.

  • Don't worry if your favorite photo is damaged or imperfect.  We provide photo restoration at no extra cost.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Spot and crease removal

    • Softening/removing unsightly age spots

    • Reducing dust and scratch marks

    • Replacing unattractive backgrounds with portrait-style backgrounds


  • Choose an Artistic Style that enhances your photo.  Go to Samples:  Tributes & Style Options to view options.  In general:

    • Close-up, portrait type photos are best displayed as Ovals or Squares. 

    • Photos with interesting or attractive backgrounds are best shown using a Freehand drawing effect.


Preparing Photos:

Photos may be mailed or sent to us via email.  If your photos currently exist only on paper, and you or someone you know has access to a scanner, you can make digital photos of your prints.  Creating digital copies is a great way to share and store your photos.

Scanning tips:

  • Scan photo(s) at 300 dpi.

  • Preview and crop the photo as desired.

  • For small photos, submit a scan of just the photo, not the entire scanner bed.

To save your scanned photos:

  • Save your scanned image giving it a filename.

  • Save as file type "JPEG" (jpg).

  • Note the location where you save the jpg file(s).

Submitting Photos:

To send us your digial photos:  When you place your order and Check Out with us in our on-line Store (Step 4: Shop), you will receive an invoice confirmation email.

Reply to the confirmation email attaching your digital photo(s).  This method is recommended since the email contents will also include important information such as your Order Number to help us to efficiently match up your photos with your order for faster processing.

For your reference information, the email address is

If you prefer to send your photos via regular mail,  please do not send originals or one-of-a-kind precious photos.  Make prints for mailing since we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged photos sent by mail.


Mail your photo prints to:

Tributes By Cotton
P.O. Box 920036
Norcross, GA   30010-0036

  • Please place a printed copy of your invoice or a piece of paper along with your photos that includes your name and Order Number for faster processing.

  • Your printed photos will be returned with your Tribute order.



We are more than happy to assist with your questions or to clarify any steps.  You can email us by clicking here: